Our Services

The Howes Group specializes in providing professional lobbying services and executive association management. From Fortune 500 companies to local not-for-profits, they all trust us to get results in a tough political environment.


  • Issue Advocacy
  • Political Analysis
  • Coalition Building
  • Relationship Development
  • Fundraising, Political Action Committee (PAC), and 527 Development
  • Contribution Strategy
  • Communications
  • Research laws, rules and regulations that may affect our clients
  • Report on governmental news that may be pertinent to our clients
  • Monitor proposed legislation and provide regular legislative updates
  • Attend political fundraisers and events on behalf of our clients
  • Organize meetings between legislators and our clients


  • Act as the executive director of statewide professional/trade organization
  • Form a Board of Directors
  • Conduct regular meetings of the Board of Directors in person and via tele-conference
  • Collect and manage membership dues (all finances audited by a third-party accounting firm)
  • Regularly distribute newsletters covering legislative activity and industry news
  • Provide professional lobbying services for the association