Recently named as a top
“Colorado Influencer” by Campaigns & Elections Magazine

Founded in 2001, The Howes Group specializes in lobbying state issues at the Capitol in Denver, Colorado. Drawing on over twenty-five years of cumulative lobbying expertise, The Howes Group is primarily dedicated to lobbying elected officials at the State Capitol on important business issues of the day. The realization of our clients' goals is our top priority, creating a durable business-friendly environment in Colorado is our highest motivation.

While there are over 500 registered lobbyists in Colorado, The Howes Group is among the select few that lobby elected officials on a daily basis. Our work with some of the state's top employers, most profitable businesses, and Fortune 500 companies places us on the front lines of defending our clients' interests and livelihoods. The Howes Group provides all levels of professional government relations, including grassroots letter writing efforts and petition drives, statewide ballot initiatives, campaign efforts, PAC stewardship, and of course, legislative lobbying. Our experience garners the respect of members of the legislature and we pride ourselves on our honest and ethical reputation. The result of our experience and notability is that elected officials trust us to get the best, most reliable information available to them before they cast a vote.

The Howes Group, LLC.